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It all started as a side thought of our grandparents. At first, they just wanted a small garden where we can plant vegetables that we could eat. But then, our grandmother enjoyed it so much that what started as a small garden turned to a small farm, and now into an actual backyard farm where we get our local produce.

We have kept our tradition passed form our grandparents to our generation today. From a few varieties of produce, we now have over 15 vegetables to choose from and it keeps on growing depending on the season. And to top it all, it became a family business where everyone in the family is contributing to make this business bigger and better.


Organic Produce for Your Healthy Lifestyle

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If you are looking to have a healthy lifestyle, then eating 100% organic produce is a sure way to go. We have numerous customers who want their daily supply of fresh vegetable that we cater to. We pack them individually and deliver straight to their home so they can enjoy the benefits of eating 100% fresh produce.


At the same time, they are sure that they are not ingesting harmful chemicals coming from pesticides that are normally used by other farmers because we don’t use any of that. We are a small time local farmer and quality is very important to us so we make sure to only use natural products in our vegetables.

Support Local

We are a small time local business that needs support. We are not a huge farm with thousands of acres of land and several workers to work for them. This is a pure family business with only a handful of workers, mostly coming from our family. It is our passion for this type of lifestyle and the inspiration from our parents that keep us on going.


Our work in the community is also a factor that’s why we keep our farm open. We supply local businesses with local produce at the same time, attend weekend markets so other people will have a taste of the products we usually sell in our farm.


And to top it all, we are also involved in educating as many people as possible especially if they want to take part in this lifestyle. We teach them the basics on how they can also have their own backyard garden where they can grow different vegetables that they can eat and cook for their family.

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Don’t be one of the last people to discover the benefits of having fresh produce on your table. Contact us today so we can save you some. Our vegetables are subject on availability and the season because we usually do crop rotation according to the season so we can continuously supply vegetables.

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